So you want to be an artist? Access: "The Bare Minimum" (2019)


What are the foundational barriers aspiring artists face? In taking the form of a flow chart, So you want to be an artist? Access: "The Bare Minimum" (2019) attempts to condense extremely complex questions and debates into a simple and accessible format. It is a tongue in cheek look at the bare minimum of requirements needed to enter the art world in a professional capacity. The bare minimum is in fact inaccessible to most practicing artists of our generation.

Following the flow chart should invite conversation on a variety of topics including: diversity in the art world, financial burdens, education and the role of institutions.

Die Welt ist so heil wie ein Ei, ungekocht

Zwischen den Beinen
der alten Damen
Und die der Männer
Die kaum mehr U-Bahn fahren
Liegt mehr als die Lust der Jugend

Die Strasse ist grau
lange Bauwerke
Von innen unbelebt wie aussen
Der Frau
ist kalt
Es ist fast Weihnachten

Zwischen den Bänken
wartet er
Die Hände
Nicht aus Frust Fäuste
Unbeachtet von den Leuten
Er wird lange warten

Sie gibt sich Mühe
sich unbemerkt fortzubewegen
Der Himmel beschmutze Bettdecken
Sie erwartet Regen
Wie es alles umschlingen würde;
Sie braucht keinen Regenschirm,
Es ist zu Hause

Zwischen zwei unterbewussten Gedanken
Sieht er
Der Frau ist kalt
Mit den ersten Tropfen des Regens
Ist es fast Weihnachten
Er wünschte er könnte ihr den Regenschirm geben, aber
Es ist zu Hause

Zwischen den Beinen 
der alten Damen
und die der Männer
die kaum mehr U-Bahn fahren
Liegt mehr als die Lust der Jugend
Es schleicht und schreitet hoch
Viel weiter als die langen Bauwerke
Von innen belebt, von außen unbewusst, unbeachtet, unbemerkt

Es ist fast Weihnachten

Die Welt ist so heil wie ein Ei, gekocht.

(Last poem I wrote in German, September/October 2015)

Artist Announcement - UK Young Artists City Takeover: Nottingham 2019

I am thrilled to announce that I have been selected to exhibit at UKYA Young Artist’s City Takeover in Nottingham next year alongside a host of extremely talented emerging artists. Please click here for a complete list of participating artists.

UKYA City Takeover comes to Nottingham, 7 - 13 February 2019! It will span the city, immersing visitors in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work. A key moment in the 2019 calendar, and one of the largest showcases of inter/national artists, UKYA City Takeover promises to be exciting, discerning and unique. 

Uniting over 250 artists working across disciplines of visual arts; applied arts; music; performance; digital arts; literature; moving image - accommodating a global discussion and survey show of art being made today across the United Kingdom alongside artists from China, South Korea, Europe and the Mediterranean.

Empowerment Exhibition in Collaboration with Nasty Women Print Sales

In light of exhibiting in the upcoming group show Nasty Women: Empowerment, taking place in London starting this coming Thursday (8.3.17), I will be selling A1 prints of my work on high gloss paper. Part of the sales will be donated to women's organisations to help raise awareness and offer support with discrimination based on gender and sexual assault.

Upskirt (2017) and Downskirt (2017) exist in a limited run of five prints each and I will be selling two of each. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing or have any further questions via the following email address:

VR Work in Progress

For my final piece I am currently working to construct a VR environment in After Effects within which I can situate the audience in an artificially formed digital world.

An arduous process as I am largely working independently to learn the tools necessary to do so, here is a rough preview of one of the elements that may stretch and wrap around you during your immersive experience.

Empowerment Exhibition: Celebrating International Women's Day

Exciting news!

I am happy to announce that I have been chosen as one of 40 boundary breaking artists to exhibit in Empowerment, a show co-curated by @CreativeDebuts and @NastyWomenExhibition in collaboration with @nastywomennortheast@nastywomenlondon, and Nasty Women in Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Brussels.

To celebrate International Women’s Day on 8 March, part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to End Violence Against Women Coalition to protect women’s rights worldwide. Come and show your support from 7pm on 8 March! 
RSVP is essential via this link

NW Artist Promo_Tickets.jpg



Work In Progress combines the current work of the Goldsmiths BA Media and Communications students specialising in photography. They will graduate with a full degree show in the summer of 2018. The work exhibited at this interim show is an extension of the conceptual and technical developments made throughout their photographic journey so far, as well as a look towards the work with which they will finish their degree. Their photography is grounded in three concepts: the camera as apparatus, creating fictional worlds, and photographs as an extension and exploration of the self.

All twenty-three students have produced unique work which spans a variety of topics, making this a unique opportunity to gain an insight into their individual practice.

Art Hub Deptford / Goldsmiths Event Page